“2015: An Astronomical Year” Now In Top 10

2015 An Astronomical Year

2015 An Astronomical Year

I’m very pleased and proud to announce that my book, 2015 An Astronomical Year, is now in the top 10 of paid astronomy Kindle books on Amazon.

Whether you’re an absolute “no knowledge” beginner or an expert astronomer, this comprehensive, easy-to-use quick reference guide will give you all the details you need to find hundreds of night sky events in 2015 – many of which can be seen with just your eyes.

The guide includes:
– Text highlighting “must see” events that can be easily found and enjoyed. No equipment required!
– Graphics simulating the best events as they can be seen in the sky
– Monthly highlights of what can be seen in the pre-dawn and evening sky, including the Moon, planets, bright asteroids, meteors, bright stars, constellations and deep sky objects
– Descriptions of key astronomical events for each important date

And for more advanced astronomers:
– Details of astronomical events, including conjunctions, eclipses, elongations, oppositions and meteor showers
– Technical information for key events, such as object magnitude, distance and apparent size
– Angular separation for conjunctions
– Culmination dates for bright stars, constellations and all 110 Messier objects

Whether you’re planning a night out under the stars or simply want to learn more about the heavens above us, you can find it all in this guide to the astronomical year.

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