About the Site:

I created The Astronomical Year as an astronomy website with just a few simple goals in mind:

    1. To highlight astronomical events of interest to amateur astronomers of all experience levels
    2. To encourage beginners to look up and be inspired by the night sky above them


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About Me:

My name is Richard J. Bartlett. I used to write a monthly column for Astronomy magazine and I’ve had a passion for the stars since the age of six.

My first website, StarLore, was featured in Sky & Telescope magazine in early 2001. Following that success, I freelanced for Astronomy, reviewing astronomical websites and software in my monthly Webweaver Picks column.

Additionally, I’ve moderated the UniverseToday forums, operated my own astronomical messageboard and still operate my own space news website, AstroNews.

Now living in the suburbs of Los Angeles, I still stop to stare at the sometimes smoggy night sky through the city’s light-pollution.

You can email me at astronomywriter “at” gmail.com


My Books:

2015 An Astronomical Year - Cover

2015 An Astronomical Year: A Reference Guide to 365 Nights of Astronomy

Whether you’re an absolute “no knowledge” beginner or an expert astronomer, this comprehensive, easy-to-use quick reference guide will give you all the details you need to find hundreds of night sky events in 2015 – many of which can be seen with just your eyes.



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    • Wow Perse – that’s cool – but it’s really not about me (at least, not at this point) LOL I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t feel I’m worthy of it just because I post some facts about what’s happening in the sky. It doesn’t take me long to write each post and I feel I’d need to put more effort into the blog to feel justified in accepting the award 🙂

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